Marketing’s problem

Rented Audiences

Only 4% of social media audiences see organic content. Businesses must rent access via paid ads to engage with the other 96%.

Information Overload

In a world of increasing, digital information overload there's a decreasing competitive advantage in creating more information.

Transactional Relationships

By focusing on themselves and one-way sales messages, businesses experience low engagement and short-term relationships.

Our solution


Email newsletters represent a unique opportunity for businesses to own a media property and audience.


Curation is a remarkable opportunity for businesses to become the trusted editor of their niche’s online news and information.


Curated newsletters enable businesses to grow a community and have more engaged, long-term relationships.

We grow highly engaged, loyal audiences and balance-sheet-worthy, curated media assets that scale our clients’ businesses.

Anthem Publishing

As one of the UK’s leading magazine publishers, we think we know a thing or two about communicating with our readership. But partnering with Curation Studio has completely changed how we engage with those readers via email - with their ‘Give More, Ask Less, Grow More’ marketing philosophy, combined with their curated email newsletter approach, they’re definitely on to something. Before we partnered with Curation Studio to create a weekly, curated email newsletter for our Women’s Running brand, our click-through rate was around 3% of opened emails. Now, with the new curated newsletter, we’re reaching 23% click-through of opened emails - over 600% increase in subscriber engagement, and that’s whilst significantly increasing open rates. And Curation Studio’s expertise doesn’t end with creating engaging newsletters. Their knowledge of launching viral competitions, website pop-ups, lead magnets, landing pages, and social media advertising campaigns is helping us grow bigger, highly targeted communities, fast.

Jon Bickley - CEO

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