Give more. Ask Less. Grow more.

We believe that the key to creating long-lasting relationships is to recognise that the best relationships are grown over time and that both sides must receive equal value. Value beyond what an exceptional product or service can provide, that’s a given in today’s hyper-competitive market places, but on its own, unlikely to be enough. So we start by changing the marketing question that most businesses ask…

“How do we generate more transactional relationships?”

And instead, we ask…

“How do we give more [and ask less] to grow a community?”

And in a world of ever-increasing, digital information overload, low-value clickbait media, pay-to-engage social media channels, and email inboxes saturated with transactional sales messages, our answer is a refreshingly counter-intuitive approach to brand growth and marketing ROI.

Curated email newsletters

We create curated email newsletters that grow communities, because they’re generous, useful, inspirational and interesting. And because they’re created from the outset with the purpose of growing communities, not one-way transactional relationships, our curated email newsletters stand out, create trust, authority and reciprocity. Which not only helps our clients sell more of what it is they’re selling, long-term, but also helps differentiate them from the heard and position them as the thought leader within their market.

Turnkey solution

We partner with businesses for the long haul and provide a complete turnkey solution for our clients where we design, create and manage remarkable on-brand, weekly curated email newsletters, and we offer a range of add-on services designed to grow large newsletter communities, build brands and build long-term growth.

Why email newsletters?

For businesses of every type, the emerging digital medium of choice to reach audiences is the only guaranteed delivery option the internet has left – email. The email newsletter, when it’s done right, represents a unique opportunity for businesses to not only own the channel and the relationship data, it also enables businesses to have more personal, long-term, two-way conversations with their audiences than any other channel.

Why curate?

We live in a world of ever increasing, information overload. And way too much of that information is optimised and incentivised for online traffic and virality, instead of quality. Which means most people don’t have the time to wade through the mass of mediocrity to find the ‘good stuff’. So no matter what the subject, a curated newsletter represents a remarkable opportunity for a business to grow a highly engaged community by becoming the editor of their niche’s online news and information, and in doing so, solve their audiences’ problem of discovery in an overwhelming age. Where most don’t want more content – they want less, but better. Which is why no other channel has the potential to grow a community like a remarkable curated email newsletter can.

What about social?

Most marketers would agree that social media represents a remarkable opportunity for hyper-targeting, large niche audiences. The problem though, is most businesses either focus on growing organic social audiences where ultimately the social media platform owns the audience data and controls how a business can communicate with its audience. Or, businesses use paid social advertising to sell their service or product, which naturally has a low conversion compared with starting a relationship by giving away something of high value. Which is why we specialise in creating high performing paid social media campaigns that convert large, highly targeted niche audiences to our clients’ curated email newsletters. Where our clients own the relationship data and can have more long-term conversations, unhindered by third party algorithms.