Our purpose

Every business we admire has a purpose. They know who their enemy is and everything they do is driven towards slaying that enemy.

We love reading, watching and listening to quality, informative digital content on the niche subjects we’re passionate about, but discovering such content is damn hard and time draining in the era of ever increasing, information overload. And the majority of the world’s tech and media companies aren’t helping, as they’re incentivised to saturate us with low quality information resources, optimised for online traffic, virality and monopolising our attention

This is our enemy. So our purpose is simple.

We’re obsessed with changing how people spend their attention – ensuring at least some of their time spent on smartphones, and other devices, is “time well spent” –  by helping businesses unearth and share their niches’ hard-to-find, quality content via curated, on-brand, media properties (email newsletters and podcasts). And in doing so, helping our clients grow highly engaged, loyal audiences and balance-sheet-worthy media assets that scale their businesses.